chathostess affiliate sites are broken. Im going to try to make y'all a decent page. Sorry; but that means I have to actually do some work which is a good thing. Refresh often I will work live hehehe. Ted you can help. Maybe we can make a C++ cgi-bin site, Incorporate javascript...

Ok Ted turned me on to Lua. I am currently checking out luasocket.

I set up a new machine with Mako
Barracuda Lua Server Pages on port 80.
Apache is still running but on port 4080!
Check it out. You can actually run code in the tutorials. I put all the slackware 14.2 code used to set up the machine
on the Apache home index.
Dont crash my server peeps!
Nothing critical is running on it but please?


asians247 with webmaster ID

Bud's favs.

Mean Girls

Solid Puki